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A DeFi launchpad protocol that boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, here to guide you on your DeFi journey.

Contract Address (Binance Smart Chain | BEP20):



A Suite of Tools for Token Sales

Create custom tokens with no code. Launching and locking services.

Mint Tokens

Create your own token on our supported chains in seconds with no hassle.

Lock LP/Tokens

Lock your tokens in our secure contract to keep your funds safe and boost community trust.


Participate in hot launchpads or create one of your own to help kickstart your crypto dreams.

$VAULT Tokenomics

Every Buy and Sell transaction is subject to a 5% tax.

We will use 50% of our profits to buy back and burn $VAULT tokens.

2% Rewards Tax

This will redistribute BUSD to all holders.

To see your reflections add the BUSD BSC contract: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

1% Marketing and Burn Tax

This tax will go towards the marketing wallet for future growth of the VaultSale ecosystem. Part of this tax will be used for manual buyback and burn. $VAULT is deflationary. This burned supply will be in a dead wallet, never to be seen again.

2% LP Tax

This tax will go directly back into the Liquidity Pool to help further strengthen the token and provide stability and growth.

About Us

Together, we are VAULT

We are a community-oriented project built on the idea that we are all developers. VaultSale got its start when several established crypto enthusiasts came together to brainstorm ways to enrich the experience for crypto investors irrespective of their previous crypto experience. VaultSale aims to build upon and expand the crypto ecosystem by leveraging our collective learnings and experiences.

Legal Disclaimer

VaultSale's content, whether provided or published should not be construed as financial advice, nor as a guarantee of the future performance for $VAULT, VaultSale, or any other investment item mentioned herein. Cryptocurrencies are extremely speculative and are subject to powerful market forces and fluctuations outside of the control of the VaultSale team. These include but are not limited to economic trends and governmental regulations. No one affiliated with this litepaper or with VAULT or with VaultSale assumes responsibility for the performance of your assets, for the delivery of tokens to your wallet, nor for the security of your wallet. It is your responsibility to take all necessary security precautions when purchasing and dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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